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The Chi-Matic Difference

People, Process and Technology.

Without all three working in harmony your revenue cycle can’t reach its full potential. That’s why we’ve brought together an incredible team of people that have hybrid experience across IT, Operations, and process improvement. Plus, our team’s extensive EHR experience means your organization can maximize its most important technology investment.

With this three-pronged approach, Chi-Matic is able to implement rapid, organization-wide change while also preparing our customers to independently achieve their goals. That’s why we ultimately chose to approach every revenue cycle problem through the lens of transformation.

We pride ourselves in delivering great outcomes while also connecting organizations to best practices.

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Great Patient Experience

Your patients expect a financial experience that matches the best-in-class care your system provides. Chi-Matic’s holistic approach to revenue cycle ensures that your patients will also feel the positive effects of revenue cycle transformation. Why? Because when operational processes are purposefully aligned with technology, your people have more time to provide great service. 

Exceptional Results Across the Revenue Cycle

New York Consortium

Implementation partner for roll outs to multiple physician groups.

Developed staffing model and oversaw the integration of multiple Central Business Offices.

Created and oversaw operational training program

Managed the charging workflow discovery process and developed an operational testing strategy


  • Charging baselines achieved week 1
  • Pre-AR stabilized by week 2
  • CBOs resourced with clear roles and responsibilities prior to each go-live.

Columbus Regional Hospital

Created, prioritized, and executed RCM roadmap

Implemented Denials Management Program, Price Transparency, Statement Redesign, and MyChart Billing

Coached and trained supervisors, managers, and directors on Epic and industry best practices, reporting


  • PB Net Collection Ratio: 12% increase
  • HB Net Collection Ratio: 4% increase
  • PB Denial Rate: Decreased by 50%
  • HB DNFB: Decreased 61%
  • Success story shared at key industry events

Yale Medicine

Overall system assessment with roadmap development for revenue cycle

Assessed and optimized PB Credits

Evaluated EPIC system and workflow process

Developed Epic build update recommendations


  • Optimized PB credit WQ setup to leverage Epic automation
  • Detailed WQ monitoring reports for managers and supervisors
  • Automated claim attachment generation
  • Simplified and improved bill area structure and system defaulting