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Your Transformation Partner, Wherever You Are On Your Revenue Cycle Journey

Chi-Matic has developed proven solutions that support healthcare organizations seeking to improve the results within their revenue cycle. We believe in following an integrated approach to revenue cycle that ensures people, process and technology are all considered and essential to achieve results.

Diagnose Your Revenue Cycle Health

Understanding where the opportunities are in your revenue cycle typically lies in the intersection of your technology and operational processes. Chi-Matic offers a variety of different approaches to help organizations identify opportunities and build an actionable roadmap to achieve organizational goals.

Operational and Metric Assessments

Epic Revenue Cycle Assessments

Technology Assessments

Transform Your Revenue Cycle

Your revenue cycle is under attack. Increasingly, healthcare organizations must rapidly adapt to changing economic, regulatory, and payer conditions that threaten to capsize your organization under a wave of administrative stress. This challenging environment is exactly why Chi-Matic believes so firmly in the power of revenue cycle transformation. With our proven approach to transformation, organizations can maintain their autonomy, rapidly improve their financial metrics, maximize their technology and most importantly build an engaging culture that retains employees.


Epic Optimization

Denial Management and Prevention

AR Improvement

Improve Workqueue Management and Productivity

Revenue Integrity and Charge Capture Optimization

Maximize Self-Pay Collections

Elevate Patient Experience

Improve Registration

Boost Scheduling Utilization

Edit Management and Reduction

Edit Management and Reduction

Revenue Integrity and Charge Capture Optimization

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Implement New Technology

Chi-Matic’s integrated approach to revenue cycle also informs our approach to implementation support and partnership.  We’ve developed a powerful playbook with some of the biggest health systems in the country that ensures the technology is set up with best-practice in mind while also empowering operators to adapt their workflows to the new tech. That’s why our customers have achieved powerful results, like stabilizing Pre-AR by week 2 of go-live.

New Epic Implementation

Integrate New Technology

Change Management

Leadership Support

Project Governance

Roll Out Community Connect Partners

Align best practices across multiple organizations

Augment Your Staff

We help companies staff critical roles while they are evaluating current company structure, executing a critical initiative, or looking for interim support during a transition period. Chi-Matic is not a revenue cycle outsourcing company and only supports staff augmentation efforts that align to our integrated view of revenue cycle.

IT Analysts

IT Management and Leadership

Interim Operations Management and Leadership

Contract Management

What Sets Chi-Matic Apart

Experienced Consultants

Chi-Matic’s consultants average a decade of experience and view problems through an integrated lens that starts in patient access and finishes in back end billing.

True Partnership

Our team is focused on creating meaningful partnerships that drive lasting results. That’s why we focus on providing sustainable solutions that truly fix the core issue.


Strategy and Execution

We’re as passionate about execution. That means we’ll work with you to transform your revenue cycle, unlike firms that simply deliver a strategy deck.


NPS Score

Net Promoter Score, or NPS, measures customer experience and satisfaction. At Chi-Matic, we’re proud to boast an NPS score of 95.

Ready to talk through the challenges your organization is facing?

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