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Listen | Chirag and Phil Join Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

Phil and Chirag joined the Becker’s Healthcare Podcast to talk about why they founded Chi-Matic and what makes the company unique. Check out some excerpts below or listen to the full episode on the Becker’s Healthcare site.

Top Quotes

What we see is people often use the system as designed rather than thinking about their own individual needs. A good example would be that automation is really important in the Epic platform, but if those operators aren’t comfortable and don’t understand how the system functions, they might not turn on those automations. 

Phil DeSantis


Epic is an integrative platform. The work you do up front well results in lower downstream costs. The alignment between mid, front and back is something that we understand really well. And that is where we help health systems streamline their workflows. 

Chirag Bhargava


We’re normally working with the VP or Director in Revenue Cycle that say I want to bring my costs down, I want more automation, I want my users to be happier. So we feel it’s our job to understand what are the opportunities in their system. We’re going to work with those directors to understand how we can drive more value and reduce the manual work they often do day in out.

Phil DeSantis


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