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First Look: Chi-Matic Revenue Cycle Services 2022


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Chi-Matic’s key strengths are their knowledge base and the experience that they have built over decades, even though they seem young. Chi-Matic has some of the most knowledgeable folks that we have ever dealt with from an Epic revenue cycle perspective.


The firm does a good job with accountability within the organization. They are very systematic about that. The firm is good in terms of calls, follow-up, and staying on top of things. They continue to follow up, meet time frames, ask for updates, and change when needed to get an outcome.


The Bottom Line
Despite Chi-Matic’s relative youth (they were founded in 2018), almost all client respondents are highly impressed with Chi-Matic’s Epic revenue cycle expertise and are very satisfied overall with Chi-Matic’s abilities to make recommendations, help with implementations, and optimize processes and systems afterward. Because revenue cycle is so interwoven with other departments, clients recommend organizations create a central team to help Chi-Matic acclimate to and navigate the organization. As the firm grows, they will need to take intentional steps to ensure their Epic expertise doesn’t become diluted.

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