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Full Stack Developer

Jun 27, 2022 | Full Stack Developer, Job Post

Contact Email: product-hiring@chi-matic.com

Job Overview
Chi-Matic is looking for a Full Stack Developer excited to build amazing applications with the latest technology and architecture.  Our ideal candidate has experience building Django / Python web-based applications and isn’t afraid to make the CSS/HTML front end sing.  Interest or exposure in web based APIs, databases and cloud hosted environments, preferably GCP, are all big pluses.  You’ll be joining a rapidly growing, self-funded organization that prides itself on solving challenges that impact both unique business problems and the user experience huddle that plagues so much technology. Your full-time role on the Product team will have you build applications that improve organizational effectiveness, organize vast amounts of publicly available data, and deliver user experiences that make sense of the complex.

This role requires the following abilities and skills:

  • Work across the full stack, building scalable solutions that provide positive user experiences and measurable business growth
  • Develop features and infrastructure development to support client and project requirements
  • Curiosity to understand client needs and translate them into effective solutions
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team to achieve a shared goal
  • Proactive and clear communication with the internal team and external stakeholders
  • Motivated to improve people’s efficiency at work
  • Ensure application performance, uptime, and scale, maintaining high standards of code quality and thoughtful application design
  • Completion of all necessary technical documentation

Responsibilities and Duties

The Full Stack developer, under the direction from the CTO, will be responsible for:


  • Complete Python, JavaScript, HTML and CSS prioritized development
  • QA programming for projects developed by others
  • Consult with CTO and team on the breadth of technology options available and what alternatives exist in the industry
  • Consult with CTO on long-term technological/database maintenance and contribute to these efforts as needed
  • Create usable and aesthetically pleasing applications


  • Work with a cross functional team to scope and develop the best solutions for our platforms.
  • Collaborate across time zones via G Suite tools, GitHub comments, documents, and frequent video conferences
  • Create and provide guidance on building end-to-end systems optimized for speed and scale


  • 1+ years Full Stack development experience
  • Experience building web applications
  • Experience programming in the following languages:
    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • HTML
    • CSS
  • Strong debugging skills
  • Experience unit and integration testing code
  • Proactive and clear communication
  • Ability to self-manage
  • Ability to work remotely

To apply for this role please send your resume to product-hiring@gmail.com.