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Chi-Matic has joined Chartis, a comprehensive healthcare advisory firm dedicated to helping clients build a healthier world. This website will continue to run through June 2, 2023. After that, chi-matic.com will redirect to chartis.com/revenue-cycle, where you can continue to access our latest insights and offerings related to revenue cycle transformation.

Revenue Cycle Consultancy Chi-Matic Joins Chartis

March 8, 2023, Chicago, IL— Chartis, a comprehensive healthcare advisory firm, announced today ithas acquired Chi-Matic, a consulting organization that enables Epic-based healthcare organizations totransform their revenue cycle through technology, process improvement,...
A magical year of giving

A magical year of giving

In 2022, we were in the mood to do good, so we did just that and set a goal to support causes our team were passionate about. We successfully donated $45,000 to 40 organizations across the United States. Beginning in 2020, our team began to brainstorm about ways we...