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Case Study | Work-queue Management

Epic’s Access and Revenue Cycle applications are heavily workqueue based and these exception-based tools drive users to what needs to be done.  The volume of workqueues and the amount of work within each workqueue can become overwhelming at large organizations. Managers at any organization actively acknowledge there is room for improvement in how best to monitor throughput and employee performance. In recent releases, Epic has focused heavily on providing reporting tools to make it easier to monitor workqueues, the records that move through them, and the staff working in them. The critical part of any reporting tool is creating a program around it to drive improvement. At Chi-Matic, we’ve worked with multiple organizations to structure their workqueue throughput and accountability programs to make revenue cycle process and manager more efficient and insightful in managing work. We’ve learned that there are a few key areas to focus on when working in workqueue throughput optimization:


We will understand your billing office structure for each set of workqueues through interview and observation.  We will understand reporting structure, communication pathways, and work expectations for each area. We will map this out for report build and program creation and ensure the reporting tools align to how users, supervisors, managers, and leadership consumes data, whether they are self-service or dashboard users.  


We will analyze your workqueue build to make sure owning areas and supervisors align in a logical way. We often we see this configuration is out-of-date and underutilized prior to the advent of the workqueue monitoring reporting.  Beyond that, we believe that leading sessions where we help users create their own reporting content that adheres to organizational standards and benchmarks is critical to empower users to take control of their data and what they own. From there, we create dashboards that rolls up everything to the leadership level for maximum accountability and insight.


The success of this program lies in presenting information in a way that each organizational level will consume on a recurring basis. It is critical that each level knows the accountable groups, their thresholds, and action plans when workqueues get ‘off track. We will work with your organization to document this, sharing it will be part of the wrap up of your program because this adds an additional layer of accountability.

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