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Case Study | Staffing

Recently, a major east-coast healthcare center requested Chi-Matic’s assistance as they transition to a more centralized revenue cycle support structure. They are implementing a new EMR system and they would like to utilize this platform to initiate major changes to their revenue cycle organization. 

Through this engagement, we have collaborated with the system to develop a customized staffing model, which identifies every revenue cycle functional role and the recommended number of staff members, supervisors and management full time employees. We have also worked hand in hand in demonstrating this information, obtaining sign-off from the academic departments, developing their communication plan, altering job descriptions, among other activities. 

Below, I have outlined the key items from this engagement. For further details, please contact us at chi-matic.com


  • This organization has a largely decentralized structure, where each academic department produces their own, separate statement
  • Departments staff members can have numerous responsibilities depending on the size and scope of the revenue
  • There is a centralized business office that handles accounts receivable for a select number of academic departments 


  • With their new EMR system, they will be producing one statement for all professional billing charges. Through this technology-based alteration, the organization will staff a centralized self-pay follow-up and customer service department.
  • The organization has agreed to universal principles for centralized staff versus the responsibilities that will remain in the academic departments. 
  • For all staffing and training, they will implement a function-based methodology. This will increase their productivity through increased efficiencies


  • Developed a customized staffing model for all revenue cycle roles
  • Calculated the recommended number of full-time employees utilizing annualized inventories and productivity benchmarks
  • Demonstrated plan to executive leadership, all academic departments and the centralized business office for universal buy-in
  • Assisted in editing job descriptions and core competencies for function-based roles
  • Partnered with the operational staff in developing the organization and management structures, as well as the roles and responsibilities 
  • Created and implemented transition plan for the future state organization structure

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