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Chi-Matic has joined Chartis, a comprehensive healthcare advisory firm dedicated to helping clients build a healthier world. This website will continue to run through June 2, 2023. After that, chi-matic.com will redirect to chartis.com/revenue-cycle, where you can continue to access our latest insights and offerings related to revenue cycle transformation.

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We value the rich tapestry of experiences that defines each individual employee at Chi-Matic. We embrace that we are a group of humans coming together to improve healthcare. We strive to build a framework so that each individual can find success as they define it and share in our collective mission as a company.


A willingness to engage with new ideas or to ask questions sits at the heart of real innovation. We intentionally build a culture that fosters this mindset and allows our people to explore the problems and ideas they are passionate about. 


Achieving our bold vision for what Revenue Cycle can be requires a fearless approach to everything we do. We empower our passionate teams to experiment and learn by doing. This also means recognizing that some efforts may fail, which provides an opportunity to learn and improve.


As a company, we are working to bring together some of the brightest minds in Revenue Cycle. But we also want to build a true community. That’s why we believe joy, laughter and play all have an essential place within our work.

I would describe Chi-Matic’s culture as very welcoming, warm, friendly and fun. It’s truly a place that strives for excellence but gives you so much support to meet that high expectation and find balance in your life and your work.

-Oyin Hansmeyer, Senior Consultant


Medical Dental and Vision Insurance

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*Available only to salaried employees. 

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