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Chi-Matic has joined Chartis, a comprehensive healthcare advisory firm dedicated to helping clients build a healthier world. This website will continue to run through June 2, 2023. After that, chi-matic.com will redirect to chartis.com/revenue-cycle, where you can continue to access our latest insights and offerings related to revenue cycle transformation.

Hi! We’re Chi-Matic.

Let’s get the pronunciation question out of the way first. Its ‘shy-mat-ick’. The name is one part nod to one of our founders – Chirag, and one part belief statement. We think revenue cycle should actually be as automatic as everyone promises it can be.  But more importantly, we believe that effectively leveraging technology requires an integrated approach to Revenue Cycle. That’s why we’ve brought together a group of people who look holistically at IT, Operations and process when solving problems. 

We're Building A Better Revenue Cycle

So our customers have more time to take in the view.

We're Building A Better Revenue Cycle

Because our air guitar careers never really took off.

Founded In 2018

Our team has worked with over 100 of the top healthcare organizations in the country to provide services that optimize financial success in the healthcare industry for both payers and providers.

We believe that improving the financial health of an organization demands a three-pronged approach: Ensure the appropriate revenue is captured and paid with the least possible intervention, provide high-quality care at a low cost, and align patients and their community with the health system. The consumer-driven model, doing the right thing for the patient (providing the right care, by the right person, at the right time), drives lasting positive outcomes and bolsters financial success.

Just a Few Numbers We’re Proud Of


Fastest growing company in the Midwest | INC Regionals 2022


NPS Score across our customer base.


of the US News Top Hospitals have worked with Chi-Matic

What Our Customers Say

Our partnership with Chi-Matic has been extremely positive and has resulted in many changes to our previous Epic workflows that have been beneficial to all of us. Feel like our relationship is a true partnership, that is mutually beneficial and continues to grow

Associate Director

Top 10 US Academic Health System

Chi-Matic leadership and consultants are very experienced and well rounded. They take the time to make sure the consultant fits with the client and is not afraid to make changes if needed. Partnering with a client and with Epic but leading both to what is right for the organization is the only goal.

VP of Revenue Cycle

Major East Coast Health System

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