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A transformation partner for Columbus Regional Health

Columbus Regional Health (CRH) is a system serving a 10-county region in southeastern Indiana. The system’s flagship facility consists of 225 beds where they provide emergency and surgical services and comprehensive care in numerous specialty areas. Columbus Regional Health went live with Epic for their outpatient clinic in 2017 and for their inpatient services in 2019.

Following their inpatient Epic go-live, Chi-Matic partnered with the health system providing consulting services to help reach their revenue cycle goals. A few offerings that Chi-Matic led include:

  • Practice workflow optimization
  • Price transparency integration
  • Improved referral management

Most recently Chi-Matic assisted Columbus Regional Health in improving patient experience through enhanced communications and appointment reminder workflows. With the goal of reducing no-shows and integrating automated reminders, Columbus Regional Health and a Chi-Matic Revenue Cycle Advisor evaluated numerous potential vendors and selected Luma Health, a company with a focus on unifying and automating each patient’s healthcare journey with their Patient Success Platform.

Chi-Matic and Luma Health partnered to fully integrate the technology and operational processes to support Columbus Regional Health in their achievement of streamlining and standardizing patient outreach.

Project overview
Chi-Matic provided strategic and tactical leadership to support CRH’s implementation of Luma. Core areas of focus included:

  • Performed an analysis and department-specific outreach to scope the communication needs and required workflows for each outpatient department
  • Provided project management and oversight to ensure that all operational deadlines were documented and met
  • Established project governance to communicate project decisions and escalations
  • Created implementation materials that outlined operational decisions and documented core workflows
  • Developed testing scripts and tracking methodologies to ensure that the technology was tested effectively
  • Maintained resources for end-user stabilization, which included FAQs and training tip sheets

Learn more about how Chi-Matic worked with Luma Health to provide 40% reduction in patient no-shows in their outpatient clinics for Columbus Regional Health here.

Have you recently gone live with Epic? Let’s work to diagnose your revenue cycle health to ensure patient experience is not disrupted.

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