Do you have timely filing denials? You Shouldn’t.

Do You Have ANY Timely Filing Denials?

You Shouldn’t.

We recently had a client approach us struggling with timely filing denials. Proactive management of insurance AR with well-aligned systems and processes can drive this number to 0, so we:

  • Set up reports in their system for each manager that identifies any accounts approaching the timely filing deadline. These accounts need to be prioritized and a manager needs to know!

  • Initiated a weekly escalation process to ensure that managers are prioritizing those accounts approaching timely filing with the provider’s staff.

  • Leveraged  system functionality to automatically bill claims approaching the timely filing deadline as a tool of last resort. That way, even if a claim has unresolved pre-bill edits, it will still be received by the payer prior to the filing deadline, giving an opportunity to secure reimbursement.

These efforts have reduced timely filing denials by 50% each month and has resulted in a recurring denial reduction of over $500,000 per month! Chi-Matic can help you fully-leverage automation and reporting capabilities in your EHR systems to tackle timely filing and reclaim lost revenue.

We can help you, too!

Would you like more information on timely filing denials or other revenue cycle transformation opportunities? Reach out to us at and we would love to schedule a time to talk!

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